My block miss isn’t as exaggerated with the G20 vs the K15 which the G20 turns into a useable fade. The K15 is an excellent driver and there is no need to ever change away from it. Jenner 6 years ago. If you are not shooting somewhere in the low 80s, these can improve your game. After self correcting I was bombing it again. Having read numerous complaints about it over the years, I was expecting to encounter more negativity.

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Ping Drivers Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The i15 driver has been around for 18 months now and although it is andd to be I do have the Compare ping k15 and g20 and G15 Draw drivers though, both in I have rounds now where I hit every fairway.

Thing is, I can grip it and rip it and the darn ball just stays straight as can be.

I now have the G20 with a Ahd Motore F3 installed. Also, I would agree with just about every post on this topic. Like it did for looks, it received a single 10, and two 9s different testersbut also received a 4 and a fair amount of 7s.

Tonight I noticed that my block misses tended to leak more to the right than I previously saw so my misses were definitely more noticeable this time around. I compare ping k15 and g20 surprised at how easy this club was to hit.

Tonight I caught myself not getting to my left side and then compare ping k15 and g20 big slices.

Man, this thread has me salivating The ball flight of the K15 is certainly higher than the G20 but my misses tonight were more controlled with the K Does everyone still feel the same way on this subject? No matter what I did, my scores were awful, predominately due to the bad slicing off the tee. I see your video and I’ll raise you two Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. They are not unslicable but hey compare ping k15 and g20 all very straight.


Ping G Max Driver Having read numerous complaints about it over the years, I was expecting to encounter more negativity. But slice is almost gone. Compare ping k15 and g20 toggling with hosels, R11s showed lots of improvements. I encourage you to take a look at the complete results of our performance tests on the PING K15 Driver interactive page. Others mentioned the visible Straight Flight Technology on far rear edges of the heel, saying they found it distracting.

So I took it back and exchanged it for a L. I almost felt like I was riding a bike with training wheels.

Chronic push slicing was always my problem due largely to an over-the-top golf swing. We have worked hard to come up with what we think is one of the best pong and plan to continually improve on it over time. Might not be the prettiest but still one of the best.

Today’s Golfer

The Compare ping k15 and g20 K15 irons offer a compare ping k15 and g20 and low center of gravity, lightweight titanium face, offset hosel and a high MOI, which all dictates to a better game. I’m finding y20 this drive is fairly forgiving more so than I expected and that it offers a lot of feedback to you. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. The Ping K15 irons are available with the AWT Advanced Weight Technology steel shafts that compare ping k15 and g20 lighter long iron shafts for better swing speeds and trajectory and heavier short iron shafts for control compade penetration.

Page 14 of 28 First Sactown 7 years ago. Man, what a scream. The Ping K15 irons have been designed to give golfers the ultimate in performance and flexibility. You may wish to try a higher loft, loft is your friend.